Monday, June 17, 2013

Homemade Soap….

My mom and I made home made soap a month or so ago. So I thought I would share how we did it. Well, it was EASY!!!!! We made a Lemon, poppy seed, goats milk soap.

Here is how ya do it!

You will need….

Soap starter, 32oz

lemon zest

1Tbsp. Poppy seeds

Lemon Essential Oil

Double Broiler

Mold for the soap (we used silicon muffin tins)


First what you do is cut the starter blocks into cubes. Then place them in a double broiler.


Then melt the starter till it is smooth.



Add the poppy seed, lemon zest and 15 drops of essential oil (you can add more or less).


Pour into molds and then place in the fridge. We let them sit for about 20min and then pulled them out of the molds.


And Tada! Soap! : )



We also made a orange, mint Shea butter soap. It is the same process, just once your soap starter is melted add about 1/4 cup of orange zest, 1 Tbsp. of dried spear or pepper mint. 1 or two drops of pepper mint essential oil (it is really strong!)  and about 15 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Oh, we also added a few drops of grapefruit essential oil.

We made it all up as we were going along, but it was a lot of fun to make up our soap flavors. 

Have a great day! : )

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Nadine said...

I had a fun time making soap with you and I am enjoying using it too! ;D