Sunday, June 9, 2013

Farm Chicks 2013

I am super excited about sharing this post with everyone! : ) Last weekend I got to go with some friends to Eastern Washington to Farm Chicks. I took over 200 pictures, however I won’t bombard you with that many pictures, just about a quarter of that. lol I also was using my new lens at the show, I was a bit worried about it but it seems like it did a pretty good job. However it was a fixed 50mm so it was kinda hard to get wider shots of certain things.


I love this pillow, I am working on some yoyo’s to make my own pillow like this. : )


I love this little squirrel.


We are missing one from our group in our picture and the photographer of our pic is Leah’s husband, the lady on the right with the adorable baby : )


I will have to do another post with the things I bought and from my stay at Tasha’s, Parent’s house. : )

Oh! and here is a post Tasha did on Farm Chicks

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Tasha B. said...

We took so many pics of the same things! I <3 your pics!