Friday, April 5, 2013

My “Garden”….

I just planted my potted “garden”!

I had my awesome dad drill a hole in the bottom of a Pyrex bowl for me. Before he did it though he asked me how attached to the bowl I was just in case it cracked or shattered. Well, thank goodness it didn’t, though it did take a diamond tipped bit and one hour to drill it. lol


I planted a Rosemary and Thyme in the Pyrex, I also have a Chive and Parsley (from my wonderful mom!) .

IMG_0714 IMG_0716

I think it is pretty cute! : )


As cute as it was the plants needed tags. So I grabbed some rocks painted them then put a clear coat of spray paint on them to protect them from wearing off.




I love my “garden”! : D


plant Collage


Nadine said...

It looks very cute! I especially like the rock markers.


Tasha B. said...

Super cute! The markers top it off.

Julia said...

Great idea! I always forgot what herb is what and once the label fades...well, stones are a great idea. I'm so going to do this!

Julia (New Zealand)