Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My new orange cardigan. : )


Okay, so this sweater, cardigan thing is weird. A friend bought it thinking it was cute brought it home and saw that the tag was in the front, or rather where it belongs in the back. It is a backwards cardigan!  She wasn’t sure about it so she let me give it a try. Apparently it is an in thing, I am sharing a picture from my Pinterest to show that we aren’t crazy!


See, though she is just wearing a normal cardigan backwards.

My new mock Toms, lol. They were $12 from Rite-Aid!


My new favorite Tee. $9 from Target, and my Bow necklace, $4 from Forever 21


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Nadine said...

I like the orange cardigan - perfect for spring & summer!


Tasha B. said...

I LOVE the orange cardi! And good job - you do rock the backward cardigan better than I did! <3

Kendra Pahukoa said...

very cute sweater. anything dots always somehow lures me right in!!
also, i have a love for pyrex as well, i love all yours from your last post, i only have 1 old one like that and i treasure it!!
newly following you and excited to get to know you and your blog, i am loving all your posts i've been reading up on. :)

Kendra Pahukoa said...

i should have clarified i am following now via bloglovin. (ive been following via gfc). bloglovin is actually such a better way (for me)to get to know you and your blog better than gfc allows.