Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Bucket List…

I have had a small list of sorts in my head of what my “Bucket List” consisted of. Well now I have decided to write it down, and in no particular order.

1. Own a full sized horse

2. Get Married



4. Go on a cattle drive

5. Visit Europe!

6. Ride a mechanical bull 

7. Have kids

8. Gallop on the ocean shore

9. Learn how to play the piano

10. Put a message in a bottle

11. Ride a Ferris wheel



13. Write a book for my kids

14. Have one of my photos published in a book or magazine

15. Ride in a hot air balloon

16. See the Northern Lights

17. Complete a Rubik's Cube

18. Grow my hair out to my bum.



20.  Make a quilt

21. Design my dream house



23. when I go to Europe…


24. Make someone smile every chance I get.

25. Read my Bible cover to cover.

1 comment:

Tasha B. said...

Cattle Drive is on my "list" too!!! How fun would it be to make our men go with us!!?? Also, how did you do at the bull? I always thought Shadow was so hard to stay on that I would be good at the mechanical bull!