Friday, March 15, 2013


Here are some resent horse pic’s
026 - Copy  076
This is Bell (left) and Jack (right) Jack used to be my mount but I have recently been riding Bell. She is a P.O.A. I started training her about 5 years ago, and I thought her the biggest brat in the world. I couldn’t stand her. Patty (Friend/owner of horses) asked if I wanted to ride her because she wasn’t getting worked much. I gave an inward groan but said I would. Right now she has some attitude issues, (bucking and and impatience when being saddled) however after my first ride on Bell I fell in love with her! 
Patty teaching my sis to ride.
084 - Copy
Amy and Mika.
That day I rode my sis was there and she was taking pic’s of me ride when she was done. At first I was doing some gaming but half way though my ride I decided to grab the engish saddle and give it a try on her. I now only ride english on her. So when Amy was taking the pic’s I was laughing at my appearance. A girl with cowboy boots in an english saddle, plus it hurt, my legs kept getting pinched by the stirrup leathers.
Don’t you love our little make shift jumping standards? But we work with what we have. : )

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