Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yogurt Dots…

I am in love with this snack! Yogurt dots are the perfect tasty/healthy snack. :)


Take one 6oz. tub of your favorite flavored yogurt, a plastic zip lock bag and a nonstick pan.

Put the tub of yogurt into the bag and snip a small hole in one of the corners of the bag. Then simply squeeze small dots onto your pan. NOTE: if you have a yogurt that has chunks of fruit, you may have to cut a larger hole in your bag or strain the yogurt first.


Place in the freezer for about an hour or two. Then take spatula and lift them off into a container for serving. To store them they should be put in an air tight container in the freezer.


Enjoy! :)

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Nadine said...

Looks simple & yummy! ;D