Friday, January 11, 2013

For Christmas….

Even though I’m no little kid anymore and not living with my family at home, I still felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. At the crack of dawn I was up, laying in bed staring at the ceiling waiting for my husband to show any signs of waking up. The instant he stirred I wished him a Merry Christmas and pounced out of bed. I pulled the canned cinnamon rolls out of the fridge and shoved them in the oven. Then I continued to pace the house waiting for Josh to get out of bed and the cinnamon rolls to bake. Meanwhile super excited to see his face when he opened his gifts.
For Christmas I got Josh boring gifts, like socks, tee-shirts and candy, oh…. and an iPhone! lol He was very surprised. I wrapped it in a huge box then with smaller ones inside. It went all the way down to a little battery box, which held a note telling him where he could find his gift! :D
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Josh got me new Pyrex bowls! (not the yellow one, plus a white one not shown) Even though he doesn’t like them and thinks I have too many of them. lol  He also gave me chocolate (smart man), a box full of different teas, a really nice sweater.
Slippers, which I now am always wearing! And a gift card to go shopping! :D
It was a great Christmas with my new husband. We sat around our apartment in our comfy clothes, watched Christmas movies, ate way too much food and enjoyed life together.  :)


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Awww we had cinnamon rolls too!!! So glad for the happy couple;)