Saturday, November 17, 2012


Well! I now have a new last name! :D I am a newly wed woman. And the wedding was amazing. So I wanted to have a special post to tell you about all the wonderful people who helped put it on.

So many of the ladies in our church were so helpful, one of them helped do so much cleaning in the old chapel to make it useable again. She and her family cleaned the front garden and fix the front room. Oh, and she made cookies for the dessert reception. Another made tarts, and was our wedding coordinator, Thank goodness we had her!

Our leader of our collage age bible studies wife, was a huge help, she managed all the food and drink. She made sure no food or drink ran empty. My two aunts (mom’s sisters) were our cake servers, they kept busy for a long time cutting cake. The groom’s cake was made by Josh’s aunt, it was a chocolate, Oreo, fondant cake, and was really cutely decorated with the “UP” house. The Bride’s cake my grandma made, it was white with raspberry filling, it was very elegantly decorated with orange roses and blue drop flowers.

My aunt made my bouquet and helped us put together the bouquets in the old chapel, the groomsmen boutonnieres and the brides maids roses. (one of my brides maids and friend helped as well) They were all so pretty.

One of Josh’s and one of my Uncles were our ushers, my little sister in-law was our flower girl, Tasha’s little boy was our ring bearer and both our old youth pastor and out current pastor did the ceremony.

I had several people from the church who were armed with their cameras and are making CD’s for us. And of course I had my Awesome Photographer Tasha! I got a small preview of the pictures and can hardly wait to see the rest of them!

My in-laws were a big help in the wedding prep. as well in getting things ready at the old chapel. both my mom and mom in-law did a lot of cleaning in the church. My mother in-law also made raspberry truffles for our party favors and for the dessert table.

I also had amazing parents who put on the wedding! My mom was always doing something to make sure that day was perfect, making phone calls, shopping, baking and a million other things. My whole family did a lot of work down at the old chapel to make it look just right for the wedding. My sis made peanut butter balls for the wedding and of course was my maid of honor. My brother was a huge help too, the day of he was the go between. every time we needed to do pic’s with Tasha he would tell us and made sure that Josh and I didn’t bump into each other before the ceremony. My dad walked me down the isle and both him and my mom were wonderful hosts. Thank you Dad, Mom, Amy and Jacob!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of our happy day! 


Nadine said... are very welcome! So happy to be a part of this special moment in your life!

Love you!

♥ ~ Mom

Sarah said...

Are you going to post wedding pics soon? I loved seeing the ones from your honeymoon; you two are so cute together. :)

Sarah said...

I get them tomorrow! :D so will be sharing them soon!

Emily said...

So happy for y'all!!