Saturday, September 1, 2012

Computer Problems and Miniature Donkeys…..

My computer has been really slow lately, so my mom cleaned it all out for me. However I didn’t know it would also wipe out all of my blog post drafts. And, I just finished putting together a bunch of new ones! However my computer is working Great now! :)


 028 (3)

Aren’t these guys the cutest things ever! :D


My family stopped by a G-sale and they had a herd of about 20 mini Donkeys.

 034 (2)

The lady was really nice and let me take some pic’s of them. It was amazing too, she knew all of her donkeys by name. She has about 100 donkeys, she sells them to people all over the country.

047 (2)

048 (2)

 049 (2)




Nadine said...

You're Welcome! :)

Sorry about the blog drafts, I didn't know about them or we could have backed them up too! :(

♥ ~ Mom

Emily said...

O my word! I want one so bad! I would name it Brighty after the donkey in the story