Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Oh My Goodness!

Life is a tad bit crazy, so that would be why not too much has been happening on my blog. Here is what has been happening in my life.

Wedding plans, house sitting, helping fiancé move into new apartment, my future home (in 3ish months). Lets see, what else…. Oh, painting projects, my desk, chair and dresser. Crocheting projects, a hat for a friend, a blanket for me, another hat, for my future Etsy shop. Oh yeah, that too, I eventually will set up an Etsy. I also am co-leading a class at VBS with my friend Tasha. Hmmm… I guess I also have a job ta do, a horse who needs lovin’ and I have been trying to find him a good care lease home (Mr. Darcy).

Here are some of the ideas that have been an inspiration for the wedding.

They are collection of pictures from my Pinterest.

wedding Collage 2

The Brides maids will wear cowboy boots and the grooms men either vans or convers. The blue dress are the dresses that the girls will wear. Here they are, on my Mom’s blog.

wedding Collage

Here is one painting project finished. :D





It looks so much better, it brightened up the bedroom immensely. :) However right now it is covered in all my clothes, being as I m painting my dresser.

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