Monday, July 2, 2012

Ariel and Amy…

                             Guess what?!?  My boss has told me in the month of July, he wants me to practice as much as I can so that hopefully by August I can be taking Senior Portraits! :D  YAY!
So my sister and her friend came in to the studio for me to practice. :)        022
Right now I’m having a hard time just getting used to the equipment. Big studio lights and where they go, sync cords (that never seem to want to work for me). Flashes, which I have never used before, I normally just use natural light. Different cameras, I use a cannon, at the studio they use Nikon and Fuji. They are completely opposite in some of the settings, the aperture and shutter speed dials go the opposite directions! lol I’ll eventually get used to switching though.
My other biggy is poses! Like this would have been really cute, if I had gotten Ariel to pivot toward the camera and lean on one leg. I have to learn to notice those little things when taking the photo, not after I get it on my computer. Also, mixing it up, and making sure I don’t do the same things with every person I work with.
I love this background, and this pic. :)
My pretty sis. :)
Some very cute girls, Thanks Amy and Ariel. :)

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Tasha B. said...

Yayyy!!! and good job! =)