Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Oh My Goodness!

Life is a tad bit crazy, so that would be why not too much has been happening on my blog. Here is what has been happening in my life.

Wedding plans, house sitting, helping fiancĂ© move into new apartment, my future home (in 3ish months). Lets see, what else…. Oh, painting projects, my desk, chair and dresser. Crocheting projects, a hat for a friend, a blanket for me, another hat, for my future Etsy shop. Oh yeah, that too, I eventually will set up an Etsy. I also am co-leading a class at VBS with my friend Tasha. Hmmm… I guess I also have a job ta do, a horse who needs lovin’ and I have been trying to find him a good care lease home (Mr. Darcy).

Here are some of the ideas that have been an inspiration for the wedding.

They are collection of pictures from my Pinterest.

wedding Collage 2

The Brides maids will wear cowboy boots and the grooms men either vans or convers. The blue dress are the dresses that the girls will wear. Here they are, on my Mom’s blog.

wedding Collage

Here is one painting project finished. :D





It looks so much better, it brightened up the bedroom immensely. :) However right now it is covered in all my clothes, being as I m painting my dresser.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Step Back Into Time…


Check out this old photo I found of work horses pulling in their food to the barn. I just fell in love with it, made me want to take a step back into time. See how the horses worked the land, how they harvested their own food. Just be able to see how the people dealt with the lack of tractors and fancy tools. To see the photos that we see in black and white, in color.


Well, I was so blessed, I got to take a step back into time. That photo was taken by me, just the other day!



My good friend and neighbor took me and my sis with her and her husband to go help a farmer hay his fields. When she told me about it I was thinking with tractors, and that the farm had some horses. No! the farm work is all done with horses. They plow the gardens, cut the fields, load the hay, pull it into the loft and I’m sure there are many other things they do for the farm.

I telling you, the very instant I drove onto the property I started drooling! Not even kidding, my heart started pounding and my adrenaline was completely pumped. I was so looking forward to the morning at this farm.


My sister and I were given the job of spreading the hay around the loft when it was pulled up. It was really neat to be a part of the process of haying, the old fashioned way.

Isn’t the loft so cool, I had fun doing the work, even thought it was way too hot out. :)



Look at that barn! :D



The animals on the farm consisted of 7 horses, 2 cows, a lot of chickens,a lot of turkeys, 1 peacock, 3 pigs, 7 dogs. That is the list of animals that I know about.


262 270

The garden was beautiful! Apparently, all of the animals food is grown on the farm and most of the farmers food as well.


293 310



Okay, so the small, cream cup, the one on the pole above the hose. This is called “the communal cup”. My sister, when she saw this, said “Wow! You know you’re hillbilly when you have a communal cup by your hose” lol


Anita, my friend, her Fjords and Amy.




Anita’s husband, Alastair, cutting the grass with their Fjords.

203  205

Break time!


Here is the blog for the “Littlefield Farm”. :)



It was such an experience going to this farm, one like no other. It really was a stunning place. It was a place most people only ever see in black in white, yet I was able to step back into time and see it all in color.

224 224

Saturday, July 7, 2012



Some more practice photos.

jessica 3

My friend and neighbor came into the studio for me to do some practice. She was a lot of fun to take pictures of. :)






jessica 4

jessica 7

I love this picture.

jessica 6

Such a pretty girl! :) Thanks Jessica!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Correlle and Pyrex….

This is a set of correlle dishes I found at a swap meet. It is a set of 12, except the large plates, I only have 8 of them. It also had pyrex salt and pepper shakers, a gravy boat, and a butter dish. I found the creamer at an antique store for 7.00 the rest of the dishes I found for 35.00 however I asked the lady if she would go cheaper. So I bought the set for only 25.00! :D
I have decided that I want to collect Pyrex dishes! I have the green set in the photo below, this is from my Pinterest.
Love this Yellow Pyrex set. :)
pyrex hostess

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ariel and Amy…

                             Guess what?!?  My boss has told me in the month of July, he wants me to practice as much as I can so that hopefully by August I can be taking Senior Portraits! :D  YAY!
So my sister and her friend came in to the studio for me to practice. :)        022
Right now I’m having a hard time just getting used to the equipment. Big studio lights and where they go, sync cords (that never seem to want to work for me). Flashes, which I have never used before, I normally just use natural light. Different cameras, I use a cannon, at the studio they use Nikon and Fuji. They are completely opposite in some of the settings, the aperture and shutter speed dials go the opposite directions! lol I’ll eventually get used to switching though.
My other biggy is poses! Like this would have been really cute, if I had gotten Ariel to pivot toward the camera and lean on one leg. I have to learn to notice those little things when taking the photo, not after I get it on my computer. Also, mixing it up, and making sure I don’t do the same things with every person I work with.
I love this background, and this pic. :)
My pretty sis. :)
Some very cute girls, Thanks Amy and Ariel. :)