Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Years and One Month….


This was after 2 months together, on our first “date”, with friends.


This is our Prom Pic.

sarah's pic's 070

This was from about a year ago, when Josh took me on a trip to Seattle. :)

Sarah 191

This is one of our most recent pictures. After three years and one month together. :)

I can hardly believe we have been together for so long, but at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday. They have been fantastic years though. Of course not perfect years, we have had our ups and downs, our quarrels and agreements, our tears and laughs. I have loved every moment though. :)

And Now I look forward to a lifetime with this wonderful man. :)

my ring

YES! I said “YES” hahaha I am engaged to be married. :D

Josh and I

My boyfriend who was, decided to take me out to lunch on Sunday after Church. So we went to Subway, from there Josh wanted to walk to the lake, I however did not. It was pouring down rain, as it often does in Washington. lol He told me that it wasn’t that far and we could just walk fast. Right…. I was wearing a dress with flip-flops, my feet were very wet by the time we made it to the dock.

Whatever, we made it there, I then proceed to sit under the cover on the bench to eat. I open up my sandwich and Josh comes and stands next to me, he asked me what I was doing. I simply told him I was going to eat my food (thought that was what you did when you went to “lunch”) lol.

Oh, just a side thought, throughout the proceedings on the dock, a couple was standing out on their porch watching us (weird).

Well he continued to hover above me, and asked if I could wait a minuet. Next thing I know he is on one knee!

I didn’t know what to think, he completely took me by surprise! I just looked at him and asked if he was serious (as if he was messing around down on one knee for the fun of it)…  He asked me if I even saw the ring he had in his hand. So I looked, as he pulled out and put it on my hand. :) YAY

Though, honestly, I don’t know I really said “yes”, I can’t remember. hahahaha

After we talked for a minuet or two he told me that there was a second part to the surprise, my family and His were supposed to be there. I wasn’t that upset though that they weren’t though, being as I was crying. However when I got up to hug him our families jump out of some persons bushes cheering. haha

They had asked the couple, who was standing on their porch, if they could use the bushes to hide behind. Apparently the couple cheered too and were crying and said it was just like watching a live movie. ;)

Our goal is to be married by October 20th. :) I cannot wait to see where God leads us on our future path. Please pray for us, that the planning will go smooth and with little stress.

Thanks, Love, Sarah :)


nmhenle27 said...

So excited for you!♥

Heather said...

Congratulations!! ~Have fun planning your wedding ~Heather :)

Lady Farmer said...

Congratulations, Sarah! What an exciting time for you and Josh! May the Lord bless you both as you follow His leading and grow closer to the Father in your journey together as husband and wife.
My eldest daughter was married in October (on the anniversary of my dear Grandmother and Grandfather ~ who sadly had passed away and did not get to witness the joy of her favorite great granddaughter). She was married out doors at a private park. It was quite a special day!
Hope you find that special time and place for the beginning of your married life!

Emily said...

O MY STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so giddy now!!!!!
So happy for you and josh! I will be praying!!!

Nadine said...

You are both very blessed to have each other and your Dad and I are very happy for you both!

♥ ~Mom

janell said...

So sweet! Congratulations!

Tasha B. said...

I am SO excited for you both! I loved getting married young and growing up with my man! =)