Thursday, May 10, 2012

Organized Chaos…..

011 - Copy

My sister and I share a bedroom, it makes for two very small spaces in one smallish room. Sharing isn’t a big deal, it just makes for a challenge when organizing…

My desk (above) only looks like that about two to three days out of the week. Most the time I have art supplies or crafting things all over. lol

020 - Copy

My drawer is nice and organized though, I use jars to hold most of my stuff.

014 - Copy

Tasha gave me two of these cute canisters, they were in my hope chest, till I thought of a use for them…

The small one, bellow, holds my small scraps of fabric.


The big one holds my small balls of yarn. :)


When I am sewing or doing any sort of craft I always have a ton of things out at once. They always end up spread out and ALL over. So grabbed a Pyrex bowl from my hope chest and use it for my half completed projects! :)


022 - Copy

Now one of the canisters sits on my dresser, the other up on a shelf. The two small jars on the dresser hold hair bands and bobby pins, the little blue tin I put my crocheted and fabric flowers in. So even though my space is small I’m able to find a place for everything (for the most part) lol. :)


Emily said...

My school desk is always a mess! I know where your coming from!

Sarah said...

Yeah... lol I took that pic. a few months ago, it does NOT look like that now. ;) hahaha