Thursday, April 12, 2012

WIWW, On Thursday… (again)

Yeah I missed last Wednesday’s “WIWW” post, so I’ve added a few outfits from last week.

Sarah 192 

Sarah 027

Sarah 026

Crocheted flowers added a pretty element to a plain outfit.

Sarah 120

This is my attempt at a waterfall braid…

Sarah 048

Sarah 062

Sarah 049

I made this bracelet, I just hot glued some small, fabric roses, I made, to a ribbon and tied it around my wrist. :)

Sarah 051

Sarah 052

YES! I bought my red high heels! :D I am super excited! Plus…. they were half off the already half off price! Sweet! only $7.50. :)


I love the yellow and blue. :)


My Easter outfit. :) (photos by my sis.)

me 2



I don’t know who wouldn’t Love this shirt! :D It’s one of my favorites.


Emily said...

Awwww love the snoopy shirt!

Tasha B. said...

Love that 2nd to last floral!!! And Snoop Dog, of course. =)