Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snapshot Saturday… Extra Random….


Sarah 029

A jar of Scarlet Runner Beans….

Sarah 031

Sarah 068


Sarah 044

Sarah 085

Bleeding Hearts…

Sarah 124edited

I love this picture! Though not as much as the one below!

Sarah 081edited

Sarah 147

Sarah 105

Fish! :)


Stunning Brown and Blue eye… More horse pic’s at my Horse blog, A Horse’s Thought.

Here are pictures of some of my Family. :)



I was trying to “sneak” pictures of my grandpa, who doesn’t like pictures, but he caught me! lol


My cousin, Heather, the Ham. Hahaha :)


My mother, Aunt, Cousin and Grandma.


My mom was shooting me! :0 So I shot back! ;)


Isn’t my Mom so pretty! :)

Here is my mom’s blog, Nadine’s Nook. :)


Emily said...

Nice pictures:)
I'm having a challenge for feminine friday if you want to check it out!

Nadine said...

hmmm...perhaps I should ground you for posting photos of me on your blog, but I won't.
Other than the pics of me, they are all really nice! ;)


Sarah said...

I think the ones of you are good. :) lol But Thanks. :)

Tasha B. said...

I love the first bean picture - that black out background makes the bean and jar highlights pop! Also love the goldfish... I was obsessed with goldfish in high school... nerdy, I know! =)

Sarah said...

Yeah, I like that one of the beans too. :) hahaha yeah? well, sorry to tell you, they aren't goldfish... :D they are Koi... :)Which are even cooler, I had one suck on my finger! Weird! :D