Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snapshot Saturday…

I love taking pictures, so I thought I’d have one day when I show them. :) 

Sarah 513

Sarah 042

My cowboy hat.

Sarah 101

I think the photo with Ginger’s ball is kind of cool. :)

Sarah 141

Sarah 197

This is a painting I just did for my sister. I had done a small painting like this a while ago that she really liked, but all in color. Well she wanted hers in black and white, except the roses, which she wanted blue.

Sarah 207

Sarah 226

This is a really cool blue house near my place. :)

Sarah 517

Sarah 504

I really like these little birds,Coots, they are funny. :)


Tasha B. said...

That rose painting is amazing!

Sarah said...

Thanks! :)