Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo Shoot…

I had both my siblings model for me this week, here are their pic’s. :)


Sarah 161

Sarah 167

Sarah 164

Sarah 171

Sarah 169

Sarah 179edited


Sarah 240

Sarah 509

Sarah 210

Sarah 230

Sarah 216

Sarah 507

Sarah 221edited


Emily said...

o my goodness I love the last one with the yellow!!You and your sister are so pretty and your brother is so cute:)

Sarah said...

Hahaha.... Thanks Emily. :)

Tasha B. said...

Excellent! You're doing really good. Haha, do your bro/sis let you be bossy? You have to learn to be bossy! And by bossy, I guess I mean tell the subject exactly what to do in the nicest possible way. =)

Sarah said...

Well, Jacob was pretty good, but Amy doesn't trust me. She thinks the pic's will look silly if I put her in a certain place or position. hahaha...