Friday, March 16, 2012

Feminine Friday…

My friend from, Under The Lilacs, has just started doing “Feminine Fridays”, I thought it was a fun idea so I’m going to join her. :)


All The pic’s are of things I find pretty, or “feminine”. :)

floorlength dress

I like the dress and hair, very pretty.

summer dress 2

Love the pattern and style of this dress!

summer dress

Super cute, though I would make it a little longer and put straps on it. lol

summer dress 3

It’s kinda vintage, I like it. :)

1950's dress

Also vintage style.

hair 2

*sigh* Pretty hair….

hair two

I love this style, I’d love to do this for my wedding do. :)

hair 3

I think the fishtail braids are really cute, can’t wait for my hair to grow out so I can do it in my hair. :)


Emily said...

Adorable pics! I love fish tails too, but I have a little trouble doing them lol.
Thanks for jumping on board!

Sarah said...

Yeah. :D I can't do them because my hair is too short and has too many layers. lol Soon though!

Tasha B. said...

Love the vintagey dresses! That is why I collect vintage sheets, so I can make some one day! Also, that last braid is killer. It's that look like, oh I just threw back my hair today and it looks this good. ;)

Sarah said...

You going to make me a dress too???? :D lol Yeah it is a very cute braid. :)