Friday, March 30, 2012

Feminine Friday…. (Old Clothes)

old ball




I love the regency era. :)

1850's fashion


1960's ball gown

1860’s Ball Gown

1900's dress

1900's evening dress



I often wonder what has happened. For thousands of years women wore dresses and then suddenly a hundred years ago the fashion dramatically changed. I mean, I like wearing Jeans, but it is kind of sad that we aren’t as feminine anymore. Yes our clothes are a lot different than men’s, but, there is just something very feminine about a floor length dress.

Feminine Friday…


Don’t forget to go by Emily’s Blog! :)

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo Shoot…

I had both my siblings model for me this week, here are their pic’s. :)


Sarah 161

Sarah 167

Sarah 164

Sarah 171

Sarah 169

Sarah 179edited


Sarah 240

Sarah 509

Sarah 210

Sarah 230

Sarah 216

Sarah 507

Sarah 221edited

Wednesday, March 28, 2012



this is a very fuzzy pic. but I am wearing

Shirt Forever 21 ~ $11 something

Blue tank Target ~ $5

Jeans Goodwill ~ $1.29

Crocheted necklaces ~ I made


This shirt was from my aunt ~ $0

Necklaces gifts ~ $0

Jeans Goodwill ~ $5


I made the bracelet, it’s a crocheted chair with a flower attached. :)


Shirt Target ~ $5

Scarf from Amy ~$0

Jean Jacket ~ $0

The jean jacket was a trade between Tasha and I, She like my jean jacket and I liked hers. :D

Sarah 170 - Copy

I wore my blue canvas shoes with the outfit above and….


I wore this flower that I crocheted. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012





Our former Youth Pastor used to call this the 11th commandment. :D Well except he shortened it to, “Thou shalt not Whine!” ;)


my heart


No Excuse



I love this quote.

Feel free to save photos to use. :)

I will eventually get an Etsy shop started an will be selling PDF files of sayings like these. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snapshot Saturday…

I love taking pictures, so I thought I’d have one day when I show them. :) 

Sarah 513

Sarah 042

My cowboy hat.

Sarah 101

I think the photo with Ginger’s ball is kind of cool. :)

Sarah 141

Sarah 197

This is a painting I just did for my sister. I had done a small painting like this a while ago that she really liked, but all in color. Well she wanted hers in black and white, except the roses, which she wanted blue.

Sarah 207

Sarah 226

This is a really cool blue house near my place. :)

Sarah 517

Sarah 504

I really like these little birds,Coots, they are funny. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Feminine Friday…

side saddle

Can you really get any more feminine than riding side saddle? :D

vintage wedding dress

vintage style shoes

I love these vintage style shoes.

swimsuit 2 swimsuit

I like these two modest, vintage style swimsuits.

blue sequin top

Pretty top

old ball

*sigh* how beautiful! Wish I lived in the earl 1800’s.


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