Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Good Music….

These are some of my favorite artist/composers…

1. Chris Rice ~ he is a Christian/gospel singer

2. Needtobreath the CD (Outsiders) ~ they are a Christian/bluegrass/country/alternative/rock group

3. Beethoven ~ obviously classical :)

4. Chris Tomlin ~ same as Chris Rice

5. Mindy Gledhill ~ not sure what genre she falls under, but I like her CD “Anchor” 

6. Reliant K ~ They are Christian/rock, they have some fun songs,one is Sadie Hawkins Dance.

7. Tenth Avenue North ~ they are a Christian group… one of my favorites!

8. Brad Paisley ~ country… I like county music, but not all of it… I also like….

9. Rodney Atkins ~ country… One of my favorite songs of his is “Cleaning This Gun”. Reminds me of Josh and my Dad! ;)

10. I love the soundtracks to almost all the Jane Austen movies. Especially the new Pride and Prejudice, the new Sense and Sensibility and the New Emma. :)

11. Leeland ~ they are a Christian Group, I like there new CD, “The Great Awakening”

12. Switchfoot ~ they are Pop/Christian/Alternative/Rock

13. I almost forgot! I love the music from the Disney movie “Up” :)

love this song… :)


Okay, so the song below is one by Tenth Avenue North, and is one of my favorite songs ever! The sound quality isn’t the best, but I love the story he tells before the song. 

The song really tells us that forgiveness and love shouldn’t come from God alone, but each other as well.

love this song even more! :)

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