Monday, February 6, 2012


So last Sunday I had to go shopping, yes I say “had to” because I don’t like to till I have to, and I needed new jeans. I tried the thrift store first, I tried on countless pairs, but they were either too short, too big, too small or down right ugly! hahaha I was bummed, but I decided to look around the store at other things before I left, and BOY! am I glad I did!

I was walking down the isle with the baking sheets and odd ball serving dishes when I saw them on the top shelf. I had to keep myself from jumping up and down! :D

I have been looking for a copper canister set for my hope chest, and have not found a set that was cheap enough or one that had all the pieces….


This one had three of the pieces, Flour, Sugar, Coffee. I was kinda bummed there wasn’t one for tea till a small copper thing down the isle caught my eye. Yes it was a tea canister, however, no not the exact same, it’s color and lid is a little different.


They aren’t in perfect condition, but it gives them character, and one can’t complain at 20.00 for the set. :)


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Tasha B. said...

Good work, fellow thrift store hunter! Neat set! =)