Saturday, February 18, 2012




I finally made myself an eternity scarf... :) 


I have seen a lot of crocheted rings, but couldn’t find a pattern I liked so just made one up. I think it turned out nice.:)


This is only the easiest headband ever! It is just a crocheted chain made into a big circle and put around my head a few times. :)

050 - Copy

These crocheted flowers are made of cotton, they are “face scrubies”. :)


this is a beret and a slouchy…



I also made myself a new Crocheted Cuff. :)


No these aren’t crocheted, but they are plain old, black bobby pins. However I painted them with nail polish, makes them more colorful. :)


Tasha B. said...

Love the eternity scarf - I need to buy yarn and pay you to make me one! Love the headband - adorable! Love the ring - DUH! And saw love the hat but I think I would look funny in one. And love the nail polish bobby pin trick - have it pinned on Pinterest!

Sarah said...

haha that's where I saw the idea, your pinterest wall. :D

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi Love your crochet ideas found you through your mom s blog..
looking forward to reading more of your crochet tales,happy weekend,love juliex