Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fabric Flower Tutorial…

sarah's pictures 060

I think these fabric flowers are really cute. :D So I thought I’d show you how to make them! They are super easy…

You will need, fabric (obviously!), a cup or something round (about 3 to 4 inches across, depending how big you want the flower, mine was 3”.), a pencil, scissors, an iron, a needle, thread, a button. 

1. Pick out your favorite fabric or fabrics. Make sure though, if you are using different fabrics that they are the same material or very similar. Or like me, lol, you will find out that your petals end up with different thicknesses.

2.  Set your round cup on the fabric and trace around it, then cut it out.

002 - Copy

3. Do this 5 times, so you have 5 circles.

003 - Copy

4. Iron the circles.

5. Fold them into quarters, then press them with iron again.

006 - Copy

009 - Copy

6. Thread your needle, then sew along the wide section of the quarter circle. Do NOT tie off at the end!!!!

010 (2)

7. Pull the thread tight so it forms the petal. Still, do Not tie off…

012 (3)

8. Take the next quarter circle a sew along it’s wide section, with the same thread in the first petal; so it is now attached to the first petal.

013 - Copy

9. Pull the thread through tight to form another petal. continue around with the other quarter circles.

10. Once the last petal is on sew petal 5 to petal 1, so you have a circle.

11. Take your button and sew it into the center of your petals.

12. Lastly take your finished flower and hot glue a pin, hair clip or bobby pin to it and enjoy your pretty fabric flower. :)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Good Music….

These are some of my favorite artist/composers…

1. Chris Rice ~ he is a Christian/gospel singer

2. Needtobreath the CD (Outsiders) ~ they are a Christian/bluegrass/country/alternative/rock group

3. Beethoven ~ obviously classical :)

4. Chris Tomlin ~ same as Chris Rice

5. Mindy Gledhill ~ not sure what genre she falls under, but I like her CD “Anchor” 

6. Reliant K ~ They are Christian/rock, they have some fun songs,one is Sadie Hawkins Dance.

7. Tenth Avenue North ~ they are a Christian group… one of my favorites!

8. Brad Paisley ~ country… I like county music, but not all of it… I also like….

9. Rodney Atkins ~ country… One of my favorite songs of his is “Cleaning This Gun”. Reminds me of Josh and my Dad! ;)

10. I love the soundtracks to almost all the Jane Austen movies. Especially the new Pride and Prejudice, the new Sense and Sensibility and the New Emma. :)

11. Leeland ~ they are a Christian Group, I like there new CD, “The Great Awakening”

12. Switchfoot ~ they are Pop/Christian/Alternative/Rock

13. I almost forgot! I love the music from the Disney movie “Up” :)

love this song… :)


Okay, so the song below is one by Tenth Avenue North, and is one of my favorite songs ever! The sound quality isn’t the best, but I love the story he tells before the song. 

The song really tells us that forgiveness and love shouldn’t come from God alone, but each other as well.

love this song even more! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Today I was boring, I only wore jeans the shirt I got from Gap, with my gift card, and a scarf from my aunt. Though I did spend a little bit of time today to trim my bangs.

Sunday my outfit was cuter. :)



I made a fabric rose and hot glued it to a bobby pin. :) Cute!


I also made a flower pin…. :)

This doesn’t have anything to do with WIWW, but thought I’d show you the pretty flowers my boyfriend bought me for Valentine’s. :)




Sunday, February 19, 2012




This is how all my drawings start out, a bunch of lines and circles… When people look at my first few steps in a drawing they give me funny looks, because of the random shapes.




That’s how they look from start to finish.



I have been trying to work a little more with color pencils, so I played around with eye colors.


Appaloosa dressage horse.


Pen and pencil, blue rose.

Saturday, February 18, 2012




I finally made myself an eternity scarf... :) 


I have seen a lot of crocheted rings, but couldn’t find a pattern I liked so just made one up. I think it turned out nice.:)


This is only the easiest headband ever! It is just a crocheted chain made into a big circle and put around my head a few times. :)

050 - Copy

These crocheted flowers are made of cotton, they are “face scrubies”. :)


this is a beret and a slouchy…



I also made myself a new Crocheted Cuff. :)


No these aren’t crocheted, but they are plain old, black bobby pins. However I painted them with nail polish, makes them more colorful. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


sarah's pictures 073

My boss, this last Sunday and Monday, let me borrow one of his cameras. :D So here are some of the pic’s…. :) That is my camera above.

sarah's pictures 037

Our sweet Golden Retriever, Ginger…

sarah's pictures 047

Chickens! :D

sarah's pictures 049

sarah's pictures 019

sarah's pictures 102

So I was able to convince Josh to model for me… However he wasn’t very good at it, he moved too much. Half of my pictures I took of him turned out blurry. I did get some nice ones though. :)

sarah's pictures 135

sarah's pictures 100

sarah's pictures 144

sarah's pictures 143

Some pictures of Amy. She was attempting to blow away a bug in this pic. lol

sarah's pictures 115

Mr. Darcy! :)

sarah's pictures 006

He was being a brat, I called him and he was ignoring me! :P

sarah's pictures 010

So I just moved closer. :D

black and blue truck

My awesome, blue, Dodge Ram… :)

sarah's pictures 231


Horses…. I have a lot more of horses, they are on my horse blog though, A Horse’s Thought.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here is what I wore today…


My blue tank, under the stripe shirt, came from Target ~ 8.00

The stripped shirt came from Wal-Mart ~ 4.48

my scarf from my sister ~ 0.00


Today I also wore my riding clothes, I ride almost every Wednesday.

Jeans were from JC penny ~ 15.00

They fit perfect, till I stuck them in the wash, then they shrank in length! So I wear them ridding, with my half chaps which were a gift ~ 0.00

my bright orange coat was also a gift ~ 0.00

Yesterday I wore….


Cute shirt from Wal-mart ~ 9.48

Jeans from the thrift store ~ 1.29

Fabric flower, I made ~ 0.00

Bracelet ~ 0.00



The other day, I went with the family shopping. We went to the thrift store, Wal-mart and the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall. At the thrift store I bought a pair of jeans, above, for 1.29, a cute blouse for 1.29 and an adorable summer top for 3.99. Then at the outlet mall I went to Gap, I had a balance on a gift card for 8.00. So I found a shirt for 7.50! :D At Wal-Mart I bought a stripped tee, above, for 4.48 and a floral blouse, above, for 9.48. SO! For 21.00 I bought five shirts and a pair of jeans. :)

However, I have a confession… I spent 7.13 at Clair’s on ONE pair of earrings! I spent a little more than that on two shirts and a pair of jeans! lol But they were cute. :)