Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Good Movies….

Well I already did a post on some of my favorite books, so I thought I’d do one on my favorite movies. :)

1. Pride and Prejudice ( of course!)

2. BBC’s Emma, Fantastic movie and it is WAY better than the Hollywood version!

3. Disney Pixar’s UP, such a sweet movie :)

4. North and South, That is an amazing movie! I read the book as well, by Elizabeth Gaskell, and the move is Very close to the book!

5. BBC’s Sense and Sensibility, this one also is way better than the Hollywood version, though it’s more of a mini series.

6. Love Comes Softly Series

7. This is a show, but I love it, Road to Avonlea, it’s by the same makers of Anne of Green Gables (which is also very good).

8. Miss. Potter is one of my top favorites! Such a perfect little movie. :)   

9. Little Women (but who doesn’t love that movie).

10. I also really like the old movies with Bing Crosby, one of my 2 favorites are White Christmas and Holiday Inn. :)

11. And because I love horses, I thought I’d add a horse movie. Ruffian, it’s based off a true story and is done by ESPN. It is clean, good movie but VERY sad. It’s one of my favorites because one, its unforgettable and two it’s not a mushy girly horse story (not that those are bad, I watch them all the time! :D)

So there are some of my favorites. :) How about some of yours???


Lady Farmer said...

Happy New Year, Sarah!
Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. Not much happening in my neck of the woods so not much blogging.
(I love your header, btw!)
I like a lot of those movies, too! I haven't seen North and South yet and haven't seen the Love Comes Softly series though I have almost all of Janette Oke's books.
I really enjoy those old black and white movies, too. And I have especially liked Bing Crosby UNTIL (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!) I was watching a television program about him and 'they' say didn't just have regular tobacco in his pipe ~ he kept it filled with marijuana!!) Oh, my! I guess I will have to keep my ol' time Western hero ~ Roy Rogers! Now there was a man every little kid could look up to!
Oh ~ love the Road to Avonlea series, too. I'm just so sad that the lady that played Marilla (her name escapes me right now) had passed away.
Have you watched Cranford or Larkrise to Candleford? They are fun period movies.
Ok! Now I am off to check out your 'A Horse's Thought' blog.

Emily said...

We must be alike! lol because I like those movies! Anway, I got your comment on my blog and wanted tto thank you for it=) the email I set my blog up for is no longer an email I can use(bc I forgot my pw) oops! but anyway im posting my new email on my blog if you would like to contact me! I think we have alot in common!

Sarah said...

Cool! I think so too. :) Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

Tasha B. said...

LOVE P&P, Emma, North and South... need to watch BBC S&S and Miss Potter... also, yes, a friend tells me I have to watch Larkrise to Candleford... and so does Lady Farmer in the comments on this post! Thanks, I needed some new movies to watch! Also, Princess Bride is an all time fav of mine!