Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Great Grandpa’s Book…

My Great Uncle gave me some of my Great Grandfathers books that he had given to my Uncle. All of them had to do with horses. :)

One of my favorites is “Horses in Harness” by Charles Phillip Fox.


It’s full of old pictures, advertisements and news paper articles.



How cool would it be to jump back in time to see old shows like these. :D


OH MY GOSH! Can you imagine a new buggy like these being sooooo cheap! I know that was a lot more money back then, but its still seems really inexpensive. lol


I love this article, what a neat comparison. :)


And this is a funny picture, a horse being watered at the gas station. :D

It’s a cool book and it’s even cooler that it was my Great-grandfather's, the book never fails to make me smile. :)

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nmhenle27 said...

Thanks for sharing, what a neat look into history!