Friday, January 20, 2012


032 - Copy

I LOVE Breyer model horses, my favorite in this bunch is the Arab (3rd form the right corner). The one in the right corner, Misty, is one that I own.


050 - Copy

Old stoves are so cool looking.

042 - Copy

I would love to have an old table like this, but maybe in red! :)


033 - Copy

These Paint by numbers I found in a booth, I thought they were kind of cool.

049 (2)

034 (2)


These last two pic’s are my favorite, I love the colors. :)


Tasha B. said...

Hey! I have taken photos of a senior in front of those green windows! Love them!

nmhenle27 said...

Someday, my kitchen will have an antique stove in it. I love antiques.

Sarah said...

Yeah I thought they were cool too.... I know, I would LOVE to have an antique stove too. :)