Thursday, December 1, 2011


So I really like my little point and shoot camera, and it does take pretty good pic’s. However right now I am trying to save up for a Cannon or Nikon DSLR, and I’m trying even harder now after Tasha let me borrow her Nikon DSLR. Using a little point and click isn’t as fun any more, but I am happy to have a working camera. :) lol

Here are some of the pic’s I took with her camera.



There weren’t any flowers to take pictures of and almost the whole time I had the camera it rained, I had to run in and out to get any out door shots.


But I got a lot pet shots. :)


056 - Copy



079 - Copy

Amy let me do a quick photo shoot with her before the rain hit again. :) I LOVE the pic below!


Amy’s eyes in that pic are really cool!


I was able to take some self portraits without Dropping Tasha’s camera, which was kinda hard. ;) But it was big heavy and awkward. hahaha It was a lot of fun while it lasted, Thanks Tasha!


Tasha B. said...

HAHAHA, mine is so light compared to the S5 I use at work! Thanks for not dropping it! You have a good eye, and got some great shots!

Sarah said...

thanks :)