Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Little Random Homemade Things…

Trying new yarns can be fun, and I think I found my new favorite kind. I made the cuff bellow…


…out of this yarn. It is an Acrylic, Bamboo Fiber mix. The combination makes for very fine, soft yarn.


I made the hats and cuff below out of Caron Simply Soft. The Bamboo mix is also Caron. If you go to their site they have a bunch of free crochet and knitting patterns. :)





These patterns I came up with, I just went with whatever came out the best. If it didn’t work out I pulled them out and started over again.

I sold some of my homemade things at the Dickens fair, several of my cuffs sold and two of my hats. The two above didn’t, along with some of my cuffs, so I might try to do an Etsy.


These gift tags were a lot of fun to make and were really easy. I took old, blank cue cards and put music sheet paper on the side with the lines and then put whatever cute paper I wanted on top of that. On the Blank side I just stamped the “to and from”. :)

003 (2)

These old, retro buttons I found in my mom’s button jars. I thought they were kind of ugly at first, but then I put some of the on my cuffs and they didn’t look so bad. :)

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