Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 84 Dodge Ram…

About a year ago I got a really cool old pickup truck. It is such a simple, bare bones truck, it doesn’t even have a radio. It’s windshield wipers have two speeds and my heater only has one setting. The trucks bed is all dented and the doors you have to slam closed, or you get a draft when driving or a wet seat the next time you get in. lol It has no power steering or breaks ( I park in the very farthest spots at all the stores). Also sometimes it stinks! like gas or rotten eggs. :/ Hahahaha still it is great hunk of metal that gets me where I need to go.

Sarah's Pics 004 (3) 

Here is my Pine wood Derby car from last year that I did of my truck. :)

Sarah's Pics 008 (3)

Sarah's Pics 009 (3)

And here it is, before we painted it!

sarah's pic's 035

In progress….

sarah's pic's 013

And finished! :) My dad painted it a very pretty metallic blue that matches the paint inside of the truck. :) The only thing that it needs done is the tailgate, it’s a green still, (we found it at a garage sale for 20$). Its way better than a car though, even with all it’s little issues. I can get my hay for my horse, take my dog to the park (and if she gets wet, she can ride in the back!). I have even taken my horse in it, well in the back, taking a ride isn’t his favorite thing, but he is always a good listener. :)

 sarah's pic's 018

Ginger enjoying the ride!


Mrs Georgina said...

Hi. Dropping by Lady Farmer's blog. She wrote about your giveaway. So pretty! You are very talented. Nice to meet you.

And your truck is such a pretty color! :)

Sarah said...

hello! :) thank you very much. Nice of you to stop by! :)

Madame Wildflower said...

Your truck might be old, but it sure has a lot of character! :)

I found your blog via my friend Lady Farmer's blog. She was displaying the lovely give-away gifts that you sent to her in her latest blog post. You certainly have a beautiful talent for drawing. :)

Anyway, take care and have a blessed day!

~M. Wildflower

Lady Farmer said...

Wow! Sarah!
Your dad did an awesome job of painting your truck! What a lot of work ~ shows how much he loves you!
Way back when I was in high school, I just couldn't ride the bus anymore because I would get so sick! So I was allowed to drive our old Chevy pickup! I loved it!
We still have a pickup truck (3 actually!)I don't know how anyone can get anything accomplished if they don't own a pickup! Especially farm girls and boys!
Ginger looks like she is having the time of her life! Just like everyone should have a truck, every truck should have a dog in the back, don't you think?

Sarah said...

he did do a good job! :) and I do love my truck, some people say they don't know how I can handle driving it, but I find it fun. :) and so does Ginger! :D

Heather said...

Hi Sarah I saw you mentioned at Lady Farmers as well what a cute blog you have I am going to follow along. My daughter loves oh I should say LOVE with capital letters horses as well. She had just started riding before we moved from California but hopefully when we get back there she can get back into it. Your truck is fantastic why would you want to drive anything else?? And your Dad did a great job painting it!! I have always wanted one of those old Volvo's like Barbie drove hehe maybe one day I will get one. And last but not least your Art is beautiful ~Love Heather

Sarah said...

thank you. :) and you know it's funny you mention wanting an old Volvo, because my truck has an old Volvo horn! my dad put in from an old scrap car. :D hopefully your dauter can start riding again. It's a LOT of fun :) thanks for coming by my blog. :)

Dante Mallet said...

After you painted the truck metallic blue, it looked even more stunning and rugged. It would be better if you install a radio there so you can enjoy those rides even more. Imagine driving along the country road with music blaring from your speakers and the wind blowing pleasantly at your face.