Monday, September 12, 2011



I tell you I have a GREAT weakness for horses. I still don’t know though if it’s a good or a bad thing… :D

sarah's pic's 081

One side…..

sarah's pic's 084

And the other. :) This Paint had the coolest eyes ever, I just had to take pictures of it.

sarah's pic's 087

I love the buckskin pintos, they have so much color. :)

sarah's pic's 089

Yes I know it’s a horse’s rear end, but I loved the color of this horses coat. It was like silver, dappled palomino.



This horse is impossible to take pictures of! He loves the camera too much, he shoves his nose right in it. This picture I did think was pretty neat though.


Tasha B. said...

I took a picture similar to your last one, but with her nuzzling the ground right next to her front hooves, I have always loved that picture. Yours is great too!

Sarah said...

That would be cute! :) I have another one with Darcy's winter nose. :)