Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is my 101 post! :)

So, I’m having a give away!

It’s nothing to exciting, just a few things I have made.


There are two, pretty bookmarks with birds.


Two extra fun bookmarks, made from paint chips.



Two 4x6 paintings,

and one blank page.


Well not really! If you win the give away you get to choose what I draw on the blank paper. It will be a graphite drawing on a 4x6 paper, and it can be of your pet or any bird. :)

How do you win….?

Just put in a comment and you will be added to the drawing. :)


Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

Congratulation! The bookmarks are beautiful and the painting too. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway! :D

Vee said...

I can't walk by a giveaway. Thank you for tossing my name into the cap. Sweet bookmarks and you are talented artist.

Lady Farmer said...

Hi Sarah!
I'd love to be included in your terrific giveaway! Your creations are charming and it would be so 'tweet' to win a little drawing of a bird!

When I read the title of your post ~ 101 ~ I was thinking it must be some kind of tutorial! You know like a college class~drawing 101! Silly me! Congratulations on 101 posts!

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies for commenting on the give away post! :) I'll be drawing a name tomorrow! :)

Tasha B. said...

Enter me! Enter me! The comment I made before on my phone didn't stick! Phew! I made it in by the skin on my teeth.