Monday, August 8, 2011

AWWWWW!!!!! :)


Some may think saying, “awww, it’s sooooo cute” may be a bit cliché  when you see something like this pic below, but you really cannot but help saying it!

French Fry

Isn’t it adorable! :D

sarah's pic's 002

This is the one and sadly the only duckling my Bantam hen was able to hatch. However she is very happy and proud of her “chick”.

sarah's pic's 019

The cute baby has received its name, thanks to my mom. My hen’s name is Chicken Nugget, so this little one’s name is French Fry! :D

French Fry’s second day!


nmhenle27 said...

We all enjoyed this story, thanks Sarah!

Tasha B. said...

I <3 French Fry! Sweet!!

Sarah said...

Yeah! I enjoyed sharing it :)