Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finished Projects… (Finally)

Several months ago I started two projects, one with yarn and the other an old sheet. Well I finished!!!!!!

sarah's pic's 002

My crocheted project was a brown throw, which is a giant granny square. :)

And my project with the sheet was a summer dress! :) The pattern I also got at the thrift store, and for only 1$. Though I admit I didn’t exactly follow the pattern, and therefore had to redo a lot of things. lol For the straps I used an old pair of denim jean legs that I had cut off for shorts. The pink band was just some scrap that I had in a pile.




It’s a jumble of stuff, however it turned out pretty good. :)


Lady Farmer said...

Good for you, Sarah! Doesn't it feel great to have those UFO's finished and be able to move on to other projects? I have several of those still to be finished items that have been languishing for years, yes years! I have learned to either work on a project to completion in a timely manner or I should just give it away as I never seem to regain interest in a project set aside.
Your afghan is perfect for cuddling up for some fall reading (coming sooner that we think!) but hopefully you will get several wearings of your pretty summer dress! Lovely job!

Tasha B. said...

PRETTY good, indeed! Nice work, as usual! =)