Sunday, July 31, 2011

Busy Week!


First I took a trip to Eastern Washington for one night, then three nights at my Grandparents house. Then I come home and I have the weekend packed full of things to do! Riding horses,going to the town festival and spending time with Josh. :) Yes, very busy, but still fun.


This was the COOLEST arena ever! (we went here with my grandparents) It was sooo big and it was the nicest horse arena I had ever been to, sadly though I didn’t ride in it. I ate lunch there! lol If you look on the right side of the picture there is a glass wall above the arena, it’s a restaurant! Yep, a restaurant that looked over a covered riding area. Inside the restaurant it was decorated in a horsey décor. :)

sarah's pic's 078 

Some of the horses that they work with at this ranch are worth more than cars and some houses! :0


My grandparents also took my brother, sister and I to Boeing for a tour of the plant. We didn’t get to bring and cameras or phones with us inside so I just took a picture of the planes outside. The planes are HUGE!

sarah's pic's 101

We also went on a walk through the woods while staying at my grandparents house. Back in the woods there was an old wood mill, you can kinda see it in the picture, through all of the brush.

sarah's pic's 107

The mill was next to this beautiful pond.

sarah's pic's 030

Lastly here is a picture of one of Grandma’s gorgeous roses. :)


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Tasha B. said...

I think I may have been to that arena before! The one I went to was in Arlington (?) and had a restaurant and was owned by the heiress of Heinz!