Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Little Stallion…

Mr. Darcy

My little horse has to be shaved every spring. That’s when he changes from an adorable little fuzz ball to a gorgeous mini stallion.

sarah's pic's 033

Chestnut to, well, I don’t really know.

sarah's pic's 032

At first he looks like a red roan, but then he gets really dark and turns into a silver bay, though he also could be a liver chestnut in some lights.

sarah's pic's 077

I don’t care though what color Darcy is, he is still one very handsome stud. :)

sarah's pic's 045


Tasha B. said...

He IS a unique color - so pretty! Similar to my favorite - grulla (sp?).

Sarah said...

Yeah, its kinda wierd, he also has a dorsal stripe. Most solid horses don't have that.