Friday, June 10, 2011


sarah's pic's 022

This is Tasha’s cow, Beef. He was trying really

hard to get a taste my camera! lol

Sarah's Pics 024 (4)

This is my Call duck, Jemima Puddle Duck, standing very still watching me do my chores. :)

sarah's pic's 043

This also is one of Tasha’s animals. A little grey kitten, he is super sweet and is nothing but trouble. ;)

sarah's pc's 026

Mr. Darcy kicking up his heels.

He didn’t care much for the braided tail, but it was better than letting it get all muddy.


Tasha B. said...

ALL my animals are nothing but trouble! =)

Tasha B. said...

... and I LOVE that picture of Mr. Darcy kicking up his heels! I am sure he is no trouble at all. ;)

Sarah said...

hahaha he is more than trouble... :D