Friday, May 13, 2011

Long Walks…


sarah's pc's 260 I spent a week house sitting for some friends of our family, while there I had a LOT of spare time. So I watched movies, did a puzzle, worked on some projects,read books, played my guitar and their piano. Then, I also took some long walks and of course brought my camera along with. :) I drove by this house several times, the one above, but never really realized how amazing it was, it was a beautiful old farm house.

sarah's pc's 250 

This super cute house was completely hidden from the view of a car. I loved the little shed that was behind the house.

sarah's pc's 263

This sloping hill looks so perfect, especially with the blossoming tree in the distance. 

sarah's pc's 271

A very sweet, little barn.

sarah's pc's 238

Barbed wire was almost all of the fences I saw. They make cool pictures. ;)

sarah's pc's 262

I really have NO idea what this is, but I thought it was neat.

sarah's pc's 276

A snail was hiding in the weeds behind a flower that I was photographing.

 sarah's pc's 270

  I loved looking at all the different things on my walks, every time I would go out I’d discover something new. I also loved the peace and silence out in the country. What a beautiful word God created. :)

2 Corinthians 5:17

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