Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool Cars….


So my boyfriend, Josh, thinks I’m kinda  like a guy when it comes to cars. That though is hard to avoid with a Dad who works on cars, tows cars and scraps cars. So I hear a lot about them and need to know what things are, so I can assist him. I don’t know a ton, but if some guys are talking about cars I can relate with what they are talking about. Also I have a thing for old cars and trucks, especially old trucks! lol

sarah's pic's 002

My family and I went to a car show today and so I HAD to bring my camera.

 sarah's pic's 004

 sarah's pic's 008

Loved the light, green color on this truck. :)

sarah's pic's 010 This car was just really nice! So I had to take an up close picture. :)

 sarah's pic's 017

Oh my goodness, I loved this truck! The color, the bright orange, the model and the bed. It was such a nice wood bed! As much as I love the look though, my truck could never have a bed like that, we use it too much. However! it is going to be getting a paint job! Super excited about that. It will be a light, metallic, blue. :D

 sarah's pic's 018


Tasha B. said...

Hey! Our good friend and his family took several cars to that show. Wouldn't that have been funny if you had a picture of one of theirs... I don't think you did, but I can't keep track of all their cars either. =)

Sarah said...

Really? :) Idk I did take quite a few! lol Even more than Dad. :D hahaha