Wednesday, March 30, 2011



 sarah's pc's 057

I crocheted a pretty little flower then attached a bobby pin and slipped it into my hair. Way cutter than just a pin! :)

sarah's pc's 061

sarah's pc's 058

Bathroom Do Up….



I redid part of the guest bathroom this past week, but it didn’t have enough done to it to be called a make over. So it’s called a “do up”.


sarah's pc's 027


sarah's pc's 028


sarah's pc's 031


sarah's pc's 073


sarah's pc's 072


sarah's pc's 070

Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoa! Where Has the Time Gone???


 Time is just going too fast for me! I’m pretty sure winter just started. Though here it is March and the flowers are poking up out of the ground!

Seems like today is now yesterday and tomorrow is today!

My birthday, what I thought was a few months ago, is now only a few weeks away! I can’t imagine how time will fly when I’m old, like my mom! ;) JK!!!! I love you Mom! :)

It makes me wonder how time will pass in heaven, when we have forever to live. That is even harder to imagine! Though no doubt we’ll be too happy for it to be of any concern anymore. :)