Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homemade Things….

Sarah's Pics 030 (5)

A lace doily! :D I found the string like yarn (I don’t know what is called!) at the thrift store for .99 cents. So I crocheted a little doily.

Sarah's Pics 032

Then I set it in a small bowl of tea and dyed it, so it was cream.

Sarah's Pics 034 (5)

And TADA! A pretty doily. :)



Sarah's Pics 043

Pj pants! I took a pair of my existing pants, folded them lengthwise, laid them on my fabric (on the folded edge)  that I had folded twice and then cut around them. I sewed them up, added a ribbon drawstring and I love them! :)



candle 2

Bees wax candles….

candle 3

Wax sheets warmed up with a hair dryer….

candle 4

Rolled up…


And burned…

And here you have a very clean and good smelling bees wax candle. :)


Tasha B. said...

The doilies are so fancy! And I love the PJs.

nmhenle27 said...

I would love to try rolling a beeswax candle. :)

Sarah said...

thanks! yeah, I really like the candles. :)