Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Little Friend….

from a friends eye

I was in the middle of grooming Mr. Darcy when the sun started to go down, his eyes and mane gleamed in the light.

So being the awesome little horse he is he waited patiently for me to run inside to get my camera. I LOVE this picture

of him. Such a pretty boy. :)

Sarah's Pics 005 (4)

Enjoying a peaceful nap by Mom’s greenhouse.

Hey there! Mr. Darcy rarely ever lets me take a picture of him without his nose first being stuck in the camera!

beforeI have recently started to trim my horses hooves with my neighbors help, cause his hooves all have a funny flair. So we have been working on bringing them down. I'm excited to learn how to work on horses feet, especially with his, they’re small! :D



After :)

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Lady Farmer said...

Mr. Darcy is ever so handsome! I love the photos you have taken of him.
I think it is really neat that you are learning to trim his hooves. I have had a few horses and did some of the trimming. It did save on the farrier bill! But I think I spent more money on shoes for the horses than I did on my own children! (We had Tennessee Walkers and shoeing them was quite expensive. And it was difficult finding a good shoe~er too!)
Your pic of the two of you "playing in the snow" is a treasure! What a sweet friend!