Monday, December 20, 2010

What Christmas Means to Me….

Sarah's Pics 051

To me, Christmas isn’t about all the gifts, all that you receive and all that you can get. Christmas isn’t about the shopping, the lights, the gift wrappings, Christmas carols

and deals you can get on TV and online. Me, I love to give gifts, I love seeing joy on ones face, and sure, I also love Christmas lights! They are always

so pretty. Well, come to think of it, the gift wrappings are too, with all their colors and bows. However one of my favorite things about Christmas is the food!

The ham, green bean casserole, potatoes, cranberries and rolls…. nummy…. Still, There is more to it, like snow! Snow is good (though most the time

we get rain), Christmas is great with all that white fluff.

Yet before all that, when I think of Christmas I think of my time spent with my family. To me spending that special day with the ones you love makes the holiday

joy complete. We lounge around in pj’s and spend the day together, watching movies and playing games. There, at home, surrounded by family and love,

you can feel the spirit of Christmas.

Then, what Christmas is truly about, what Christmas really means to me. It means the joy, love and peace that God gave me, that He gave us.

He couldn’t have shown more love to us, then by sending His son here on earth. God gave us the best gift that could be given, and it didn’t come in a wrapped box

or bag. God didn’t come to give us a great deal on that new something we wanted or give us that earthy trifle we desired. He gave us a chance

to be saved, He gave us eternal life in heaven, God gave us grace and showed us love. Our Lord gave us a gift, and to receive, all we have to do

is ask. What a wonderful gift He gave, Jesus.

That’s what Christmas is to me.

Christmas Crafts….

Sarah's Pics 026

A white, button Christmas tree…

Sarah's Pics 028

A white, button snowman….

Sarah's Pics 031

A pipe cleaner and Borax snowflake….

Sarah's Pics 039

Stuffed Christmas bear… :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Funny Animal Pictures…

Sarah's Pics 090 (2)

Silly dog laying on dad’s jacket and boots.

Darcy boy (2)

Laughing Horse!

Sarah's Pics 002 (2)

Ashamed kitty.

Sarah's Pics 100

It’s the chicken and dog race!

Sarah's Pics 080

And one crazy pup. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Art… :)

Sarah's Pics 028 (2)

Penciled horse…

 Sarah's Pics 075 (3)

Watercolor boat…

 Sarah's Pics 026 (2)


Sarah's Pics 005 (3)

    Acrylic appaloosa….