Monday, November 29, 2010


Sarah's Pics 031

 Snow on the old church.

Sarah's Pics 072

Snow on the trees.

Sarah's Pics 060

Snow on my truck (being as I didn’t drive!)

Sarah's Pics 050

Playing and taking pictures in the snow. :)

Sarah's Pics 110

My grandparents holly bush.

Sarah's Pics 068

The sun brushed the snow with color as it set.

snow flake

This picture is amazing, if you can see it or can zoom in on it, you will see two very pretty snow fakes.

I was out playing with my sisters rabbit, and that’s when I saw them land on his black coat, and I could see their shape!

However the silly rabbit wanted nothing to do with my picture taking so I took a pic. of the flakes on my own coat.

When I saw that they showed in the photo I got super excited! :D


Lady Farmer said...

Love all your snow pictures, Sarah, but those snowflakes are totally awesome! Oh, the wonders wraught by the hand of our amazing Creator!

Tasha B. said...

Yes, what a great shot of a snowflake! Nice work, they are so cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks! :)