Monday, August 23, 2010

You Just Know….

Sarah's Pics 018

You just know you are strange girl when you have this mix of things in your room…

A summer dress, ridding boots, the game “Boggle”, stray nails laying on your dresser, model horses, a picture of your boyfriend, jewelry hung around, your own drawings and paintings covering your walls, a halter, make-up, a Bible, a picture of a tow truck on your bulletin-board, a rubber duck on your shelf, Jane Austen novels, a hoof rasp, perfume, a guitar, a cell phone, glue sticks, the game “Uno”  nail polish, a horse cinch, salt and pepper shakers on your shelf, a chick catalog, paints and brushes in jars, a pom-pom chick with little goggle eyes, playing cards, a dried bouquet of roses, a statue horse holding hair bands, Christmas lights hanging, a picture of a chicken on your shelf, a small jar of honey, and to top it all off, have lime green walls with pink and orange dots!

My younger sister doesn’t quite like all my strange things, but it makes it fun. It’s hard to be gloomy in a bright room that has things that you like in it. :)


Sarah's Pics 019


Lady Farmer said...

You sound much like my youngest daughter. Not so much the stuff in your room but she did tend to 'take the road less traveled'. I think it is a good thing to be an individual. Think for yourself and not be a 'follower'. (Except of Jesus Christ, of course!)
You actually sound pretty normal ~ I used to have many of *those items* in my room as a girl (mostly the horse stuff!). But I did not have lime green walls with pink and orange dots!!!
I suppose they don't keep you awake once you close your eyes! :~D

Sarah said...

Hahaha :) thats funny, yeah I have a ton of horse things all over the place. :) yeah, my style is a bit different than most, but why be the same as everyone else. God made us all different, so why not act that way(in good ways that is). :) yeah our room is bright, but my sis and I might be painting it soon. :)