Saturday, August 21, 2010


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The skies above are clear

The sun shines from up high,

Birds are singing, bees are humming.

I hear the children laughing.

The flowers are fragrant and sweet,

The gardens, of produce, are full.

Mother’s in the kitchen canning

Father’s in his wood shop working.

Laundry is out on the line,

Garlic’s hanging in the shed,

The roosters are crowing

The hens, in their house, are clucking.

Here I can see all of summer;

I can smell the sweet scents, and hear the perfect sounds.

Right here I can hear summer singing,

And the children laughing.


Sarah's Pics 018


Lady Farmer said...

I think your photos are so beautiful ~ I wonder if you could make them into note cards and start an Etsy Store to sell them?
Just thinkin'!

I love the deep purple color of the potato blossom and the simple beauty of the grass seedhead.
Simple beauty from nature caught by your eye!


Sarah said...

Thank you! that would be a good idea, the cards. :) thanks for the idea! :D

some of the most beautiful things in the world that God has made are the smallest things that you can see. He is amazing!!!!! :)

Sarah said...
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