Monday, August 23, 2010

You Just Know….

Sarah's Pics 018

You just know you are strange girl when you have this mix of things in your room…

A summer dress, ridding boots, the game “Boggle”, stray nails laying on your dresser, model horses, a picture of your boyfriend, jewelry hung around, your own drawings and paintings covering your walls, a halter, make-up, a Bible, a picture of a tow truck on your bulletin-board, a rubber duck on your shelf, Jane Austen novels, a hoof rasp, perfume, a guitar, a cell phone, glue sticks, the game “Uno”  nail polish, a horse cinch, salt and pepper shakers on your shelf, a chick catalog, paints and brushes in jars, a pom-pom chick with little goggle eyes, playing cards, a dried bouquet of roses, a statue horse holding hair bands, Christmas lights hanging, a picture of a chicken on your shelf, a small jar of honey, and to top it all off, have lime green walls with pink and orange dots!

My younger sister doesn’t quite like all my strange things, but it makes it fun. It’s hard to be gloomy in a bright room that has things that you like in it. :)


Sarah's Pics 019

Saturday, August 21, 2010


012 (2)

The skies above are clear

The sun shines from up high,

Birds are singing, bees are humming.

I hear the children laughing.

The flowers are fragrant and sweet,

The gardens, of produce, are full.

Mother’s in the kitchen canning

Father’s in his wood shop working.

Laundry is out on the line,

Garlic’s hanging in the shed,

The roosters are crowing

The hens, in their house, are clucking.

Here I can see all of summer;

I can smell the sweet scents, and hear the perfect sounds.

Right here I can hear summer singing,

And the children laughing.


Sarah's Pics 018

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Camp at Mt. St. Helens….

the van  Our church youth group took a 5 day long camping trip to Mt. St. Helens a few weeks ago, and it was a ton of fun! :)

Sarah's Pics 058  We went up to view the mountain, we got to see the mountain, but, however, not the valley and canyons below. The view though was spectacular. Sarah's Pics 118

  This is the river we stayed on, all we had to do was cross the street and we were there! There was, in the river, a kind of swimming hole, close to everyone thought the water was nice. To me it was quite cold, they only got me in there a few times.

Sarah's Pics 141   One of the days we went to the “Ape Caves” about a 2 hour drive from our camp. It was a ton of fun, the hike to the exit was long and hot, but the hike through the caves to the entrance was nice and cool (yes we did the hike backwards). When we made it back our group had to wait for our church leader to get back so we could get into our van (he has recently had back and knee surgery, so it took him a while) In the mean time though we hung out with the other church group and watched the chipmunks run around. Well then some of the kids who had chips left gave them to my boyfriend (Josh) who started to feed the chips to the little guys. It was the funniest thing to watch him get really excited every time a chipmunk would take one from his hand.

 Sarah's Pics 091

  Seeing what’s going on at the mountain. :)Sarah's Pics 179 (2)

  One of the days we took a trip to the other side of the mountain then went on a small hike. We also went to a river to play and search for pumice.  Sarah's Pics 180

Through out the trip we had fun swimming, hiking, leaning about God, singing, eating and just spending time with our friends. :)