Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paints and Pencils…

Sarah's Pics 074

Sarah's Pics 065 (2)

Sarah's Pics 057 (2)   Sarah's Pics 002 (3)

Sarah's Pics 019 (4) I love being able to paint and draw, once an idea enters my mind, I let it flow to my fingers.

Sometimes the finished product doesn’t quite match the image in my head, yet each time

my thoughts are put on paper or canvas a bit of my wild imagination is revealed.

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Tasha B. said...

I want to commission you to make me a drawing of a dandelion gone to seed (I have a thing for them) with your mom's pen and ink you found recently! I have black and blue ink if you need some, and different tips, too! And pencils of different softnesses.