Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Friend…

Josh and I

Having a friend is the Best way God could bless a person.

About 5 years ago when my family started attending our church, I was the only girl in our youth group of about 8 to 10 kids.

To me they were Crazy! Though really, they were normal jr. high boys and I a shy homeschooled girl. Most the boys, though I called my friends. Eventually we got more girls and I wasn’t alone anymore, but I still was better friends with the boys. A year ago one of my closer friends, Josh, asked me to prom. I said “yes”, but it was a bit too late for us to go, so instead we went on a “date” with some of our friends from the youth group.

After that, God provided me with a fantastic friendship with Josh. We have now been best friends and more recently he has been called my “boyfriend”.He is a ton of fun to be with, we get along great, and even though we are complete opposites. He has been a friend who I can trust and confide in, and he willingly respects my space and my choices. I am very grateful that God has given me such an amazing friend this past year, and I pray He blesses us with more years to come. :)

Thanks to my friend!!! :D

Random Drawings….

Sarah's Pics 075

Sarah's Pics 053

sweetpea 7

Sarah's Pics 059 Sarah's Pics 022 (4)

Sarah's Pics 058

Sarah's Pics 032

Sarah's Pics 064

Sarah :)

Having Fun With Color…

Sarah's Pics 067

Sarah's Pics 068  Painted jars! I found these jars out in our shed, well, I thought they looked neat.

I brought them in, washed and then painted them with Bright colors. Then

filled them with my hair clips, pins and bands. Now I don’t have so much of that

stuff covering my dresser! 

Sarah's Pics 070

Sarah's Pics 071

 This is a VERY funky draw bag that I made. I had quite a bit of that black

spotted fabric and my mom had a lot of scraps. So, I made a bag with strips of

bright fabrics. On the one side I made pockets that fit my Mp3 and

my cell phone, and plenty of space inside for other fun stuff!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking Forward to Summer…

Sarah's Pics 008 (2)Cause in summer you can always find a nice day

to spend outside.

Sarah's Pics 041 There seems to always be fresh vegetable or fruit

to be found at dinner.

Sarah's Pics 028

And because life can be spent outside where there

is room to grow. :)

Fun With My Camera….

Sarah's Pics 036 (3) Color to sew….

Dew drop 33 Dew like lace…

Sarah's Pics 005 (4) Preying blue eyes…

Iris 8

Elegant Iris…